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  Splitter, Duplexer, Combiner, Coupler, Filters,
  RF Connector for all coaxial cables and Adaptor
  Weather Proofing Kit WPK 6 BUTYLE and 3 PVC Tapes
  Earthing Kit/Grounding kits for BTS and IBS
  TQ and BQ CONNECTOR used in nokia network
  Baluns, Matching Transformer RJ45-BNC,wrapping
  Inventry RF components of our associates
  Feeder Clamp for 1/4,1/2,7/8,5/4,13/8 and LMR cabl
  Dummy Load 1,5,10,50,200w, Attenuator 1,3,6,10,20
  Testing Cable Assembly IN N,SMA,QMA,QN,BNC 75/50E
  RF Digital THRU LINE Power Meter GSM UMTS ISM
  DC Block IN NM-NF 4GC,8GC, 18GC
  LED Aviation Light operating at -48v,220vac
  Signal Generator of accuracy of 0.1ppm
  CNC Parts for Filters, Spliters, Combiners,Coupler
  Waveguide Adaptor with N ,SMA UPTO 80GC
  RF Switch SPDT, DPDT, 24v/12v,SMA/NF
  RTV ADHESIVE,Heat shrink Tube,Boot,WPK,Oring
  Interface/Media Converters, Ethernet

Interface/Media Converters, Ethernet ,V.35,e1,V. 703


Price(INR): Rs. 1000.00
Price(USD) : $ 21.41
Product Specification
Protocol Convertor/ Lan Extender- Make-ANDA TELECOM  
E1 to Ethernet 8500/-+Tax
E1 to  Ethernet 35 8500/-+Tax
4E1 to Ethernet 21000/-+Tax
Lan Extender KT 2250/-+Tax
Power over Ethernet- Make -PHEENET  
POE-48PI IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet, 48V Power Injector Only 1300/-+Tax
POE-5.0/2.1 IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet, 48V Power Injector and Splitter (5V, 2.1Ø/5.5Ø), 1950/-+Tax
POE-12/2.5-1 IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet, 48V Power Injector and Splitter (12V, 2.5Ø/5.5Ø) 1950/-+Tax
IP Camera / Surveillance System - PHEENET  
MCAS-100 640 x 480 Pixel, MPEG4 / CMOS, IP Camera W/Audio, Digital Zoom, Snapshot Features 7100/-+Tax
MCAS-100W 640 x 480 Pixel, MPEG4 / CMOS, IP Camera W/Audio, IEEE802.11g built-in,  9400/-+ Tax
Digital Zoom, Digital Zoom, Snapshot Features  
MCAS-300PTW 640 x 480 Pixel, MPEG4/CCD, IP Camera W/ Audio & Pan/Tilt Features,  19100/-+Tax
  IEEE802.11g built-in, I/O Ports, Digital Zoom&Snapshot  
  SOHO Broadband Router-PHEENET  
BIG-01/4C Broadband Internet Gateway, 1 WAN + 4 LAN (Switch), (Arm 9, 20M) 1650/-+Tax
WBIG-104B/R Wireless Broadband Internet Gateway, 1 WAN + 4 LAN, (11Mbps) (RealTek), 2450/-+Tax
  Detachable Antenna, W/Reverse SMA connector   
  ADSL2+ Modem / Router-PHEENET  
WBIG-614AGC Wireless Broadband Internet Gateway, 1WAN + 4LAN + ADSL Modem +  4200/-+Tax
  802.11g 54Mbps AP, Annex A/B  
  Multi-Homing / Load Balancer / Bandwidth Manager  
BIG-L2/4 Load Balancer Router, 2 WAN + 4 LAN + QoS + Outbound Load Balance 7500/-+Tax
BM-104 Bandwidth Manager for SOHO, 1 WAN + 4 LAN, 10M Bandwidth 7500/-+Tax
WAS-101 Network Access Control Server Gateway (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)with printer 31000/-+Tax
WAS-101R Network Access Control Server Gateway (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting), 20600/-+Tax
   1 WAN + 2 Public LAN + 2 Private LAN + 11g High Power AP  
  (Accounting optionally accomplished by External Radius or Local)(50 concurrent users for Hot Spot)  
  VoIP Gateway-PHEENET  
VG-04FXS 4-Port RJ-11 (FXS) Module, SIP or H.323 10250/-+Tax
  VoIP Gateway Router-PHEENET  
VG-1440R 4-Port RJ-11 VoIP Gateway Router(4FXO)+1 WAN Port, SIP & H.323 Configurable 12500/-+Tax
HWL-PCIG/MV IEEE802.11g 54Mbps PCI Card / External Antenna(Marvell) 1250/-+Tax
WLU-703G IEEE802.11g 54Mbps USB Adapter + Swivel USB Cable 1100/-+Tax
WCB-101AG IEEE802.11a/g 108Mbps CardBus 2250/-+Tax
WPCI-201AG IEEE802.11a/g 108Mbps PCI W/ External Antenna 2350/-+Tax
WLU-713AG IEEE802.11a/g 108Mbps USB Adapter 2400/-+Tax
  Wireless Indoor AP / Bridge / AP Router-PHEENET  
WAP-254G IEEE802.11g 54Mbps SOHO Access Point W/ Bridge & Repeater function (Intersil),   2600/-+Tax
WAP-354G IEEE802.11g 108Mbps SOHO Access Point W/Bridge & Repeater & AP Client function 3500/-+Tax
WBIG-104B/R Wireless Broadband Internet Gateway, 1 WAN + 4 LAN, (11Mbps) , 2450/-+Tax
  Detachable Antenna, W/Reverse SMA connector   
WLU-803G IEEE802.11g 54Mbps High Power USB Adapter + 5dBi Omni Antenna  2200/-+Tax
  (Reverse SMA Connector) (EIRP=23dBm)  
WAP-454GP IEEE802.11g 54Mbps 200mW High Power Access Point with full functions 4600/-+Tax
   (Client, Repeater, P2P, PMP), Detachable Antenna, W/Reverse SMA Connector, POE Built-in  
  IEEE802.11a. 11b/g Outdoor Bridge-PHEENET  
WLO-2405G 2.4G 54Mbps AP/Bridge, Outdoor Unit (500mW) for PTP, PTMP (802.11b/g) 32000/-+Tax
WLO-2405 IEEE802.11b 11Mbps AP/Bridge, Outdoor Unit (500mW)  29000/-+Tax
WLO-2410 IEEE802.11b 11Mbps AP/Bridge, Outdoor Unit (1W)  34500/-+Tax
  IEEE802.11a, b/g CPE -PHEENET  
CPE-2012G IEEE802.11g 54Mbps Integrated Wireless CPE with 23dBm Radio, 12dBi Antenna 12500/-+Tax
  EIRP=35dBm ( AP, Bridge, AP Client, Repeater functions ALL-IN-ONE)  
CPE-2018G IEEE802.11g 54Mbps Integrated Wireless CPE with 23dBm Radio, 18dBi Antenna 15500/-+Tax
  EIRP=41dBm ( AP, Bridge, AP Client, Repeater functions ALL-IN-ONE)  
  Indoor / Outdoor Booster-PHEENET    
PA-2.4G/1.0W Booster & DC Injector for 2.4GHz Wireless LAN, 1W, N-Type 11500/-+Tax
  2.4G Outdoor Antenna-PHEENET  
ANT-018ASN Sector Antenna / Adjustable Gain 12~18dBi, N-Type Female Connector  7500/-+Tax
ANT-216SN Sector Antenna / 16 dB, N-Type Female Connector 5500/-+Tax
ANT-118PN  Panel Directional Antenna / 18 dB, N-Type Female connector 3800/-+Tax
ANT-015ON Omni Antenna / 15 dB, N-Type Female connector 3500/-+Tax
  Indoor Antenna-PHEENET  
ANT-105CL Ceiling Antenna / 5db, Reverse SMA connector W/ 30cm RG-316 Cable / 2.4G 1700/-+Tax
ANT-012C Corner Antenna / 12 dB, Reverse SMA connector W/ 30cm RG-316 Cable 1800/-+Tax
ANT-015C Corner Antenna / 15 dB, Reverse SMA connector W/ 30cm RG-316 Cable 2200/-+Tax
  Signal Splitter / Lightning Arrestor-PHEENET  
WSS-202 2.4GHz 2-Way Signal Splitter, Outdoor 1425/-+Tax
WSS-204 2.4GHz 4-Way Signal Splitter, Outdoor 1860/-+Tax
  Switch - TP LINK  
8 Port Switch 600/-+Tax
16 Port Switch Desstop 1450/-+Tax
16 Port Rack Mount Switch 2150/-+Tax
24 Port Rack Mount Switch 2650/-+Tax
  Media Convertor  
Single mode Duel Fiber 20 KM 1650/-+Tax
  Net working products-SPACE NET  
Cat -5e I/O 26.00
Cat 6 I/O 58.00
Patch Code 7 feet 26.00
Face Plate Single 15.00
Face Plate Dual 16.00
Jack Pannel 1m 1200.00
Jack Pannel 2 m with Cable Manager 1650.00
RJ 45 Connector           2.00
Dear Sir,
   We are one of the growing company in the field of manufacturing of microwave components in North India. We also keep the stock of  RF connectors, Cables and microwave components in huge qty.We r bigest stockist of rf components in india..
Authorized distributors of  VINNCOM , Honor , BMI Cables, Tyco  USA, Professional Taiwan .
Our client age are Ericsson, Nokia/Siemens, Alcatel/Lucent, Bharti, Vodafone/Hutch, Idea, HFCL, Tellabs, Ariecent, ITI, BSNL, Power grid corp., All OEM ,All mobiles and Basic Telephone Operators.
Synergy recognizes the stockiest of all kind of RF connectors, microwave components and cables in his store. to give immediate solution to our customers in emergencies .YOU CAN SEE OUR STOCK ON OUR WEB SITE
You can see our product line card as below.
If u have any enq., kindly send us, so that we can send u our best prices.
Best regards,
Pradeep  Agrawal

Synergy Telecom P Ltd.
13-15 RPS flats, E-block, Vikaspuri  N Delhi,110018...India
Phone-91 11 28533349,Mobile 91-98101 38894 ,Fax -91 11 2853 1435,
; MSN - Skype Accout - pradeepag , My trademanager ID -synergytelecom ;
1. EXISE REGISTRATION NO                                           AAICS62 96D XD001
2. CST No.                                                        07430296231.
3. TIN No.                                                          07430296231.
4. PAN No.                                                        AAICS6296D.
5. Banker details                                                  Name of Account:-SYNERGY TELECOM P LTD.
                                                                        Account No:- 0401073000000151.
Products line card
Co-axial Cables:-   7/8", 1/2", 1/4", RG 316, RG-174, RG179, RG 196, RG 187, BT3002, Suco flex Cable 0.141, 0.86, RG213, RG214, RG217,RG58, RG59, LMR-200, LMR-400, 600
Antenna’s :-   Patch /Planner /Yagi /Wipe /INDOOR Antenna for GSM, GPS & CDMA
RF Passive Components :-  Power dividers, Matching Transformer 120E to 75E (Balloon) with RJ45, BNC, M4 and Banana Termination, Dummy Loads  5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200W, DC Blocks, Coupler 2,3,4 way, Attenuators 10, 20, 30, 40dB in 2, 10, 20, 50W, LIGHT Arrestors - Dual Band 900-2500 and DDF
Co-Axial Connectors & Adapters:-  7/16DIN, N, SMA, TNC, BNC, SMZ, SMB, SSMB, Type 43, FME, TNF, TQ, SMC, M4, ERI, UHF Connectors for all kind of cables. and Customized coaxial  jumper cable.(Authorized Distributor of VINNCOM, HONOR, JUNPER, TRIATH COMM and PROFESSIONAL)
Optical Fibre Products:-   OPTICAL SPLITTERS, FDF, FDMS, Patch Cords of all combination SC, ST ,FCPC, FC APC, LC, MRTJ, L2000, Attenautors  5, 10, 15, 20 IN all combination, Adaptors FCPC, APC, SC all male and female combination,SFP, Media single and double fibre, SM AND MULTI MODE, and Interface converters  -- E1, V.35, RS232, RS485 , LAN extenders (Authorised reseller of  TYCO)
HEAT SINK Products:-   Sleeves, boots end Caps, Multi core termination kit, Feeder Clamp, Earthing kit, Weather proofing kits, etc
EARTHING KITS TOOLS: -   Earthing Kits, Spanners, Torque Wrench, Straight, Panel Jack Receptacle Wrench, Burners, Wire Wrapping, and Water Proofing Kit.
Radio Equipments, GSM / CDMA Repeaters, Wave Guides, LNA....
RF Digital Power Meter -  FIT 1700 and 400 of SCHOMANDL for GSM/CDMA site testing in our product range
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Phone: 91-11-28533349
Fax: 91-11-28531435
Email: pradeep@rfconnectorhouse.com ,
Website: www.rfconnectorhouse.com , www.rfconnector.in/rfconnector 
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Mr. Pradeep Agrawal (Director)
Director, Synergy Telecom P Ltd.

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